Per 60 stats

Most of the charts will be on a “per 60 minutes of ice time” format instead of “total” format. I like it as per 60 evens the playing field.

For example:

Player A has 5 goals in 100 minutes of ice time.Player B has 2 goals in 40 minutes of ice time.

If I would simply show totals it would say A has 5 goals and B has 2 goals. Which would equate to Player A being better. However, if we even up the minutes, things become more clear. Player A scores 3 goals per 60 minutes and Player B also is scoring 3 goals per 60 minutes of Icetime. When we limit the variable of total Icetime, we can more clearly see which players are superior. 

When we use “per 60” stats, we can, for example,see if Toews or Teravainen have more assists in the same amount of Icetime. If one player has double the Icetime, they likely will have better looking total stats. That’s why I use per 60 for most of the visuals I post in the SEASON tab.