Marian Hossa vs The Average 37 Year Old NHLer

Last night a question arose while I was watching a 4-0 Blackhawks win. That question? I wonder how Marian Hossa’s numbers this season compare to other 37 year olds seasons. Magically, a light bulb shined brightly above my head. That’s a perfect idea to investigate I thought, and so I set out today to find the answer.

To obtain the data needed, I used the Hockey-Reference play index. For the data, I used:

  1. Seasons where the player was 37 year old on February 1st
  2. Forwards only
  3. Minimum 40 games
  4. 2011-12 up to the present season

This is what I found.


And for reference, I thought I would show the total player rankings for a few stats.