How The Panarin-Anisimov-Kane Line Plays Apart From Each Other

 The below chart shows puck possession numbers of the second line when playing with and without each other. The black bar is 50% possession. Above the black bar is good. Below the black bar is bad. 
  Both Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin’s possession numbers fall below 50% when playing apart from each other. 

Anisimov takes a big hit when not playing with the dynamic duo. Anisimov is at 44% puck possession when on the ice without Patrick Kane. That number falls to 40% when Anisimov is on the ice without Panarin. Those are not good numbers.

For reference, the following chart shows the total minutes of each situation this season.

 Finally, here is a little more in depth look at Kane and Panarin adding Shot Generation and Team Goal Scoring stats.