Inability To Get To The Net Hurting The Blackhawks

The following chart shows how both teams have played this season during even strength.
Chicago and St Louis have similar shot attempt, shot on goal, and scoring chance numbers. However, there is a big discrepancy in high danger chances where the Blues hold a 35-19 edge.

What is a high danger scoring chance you ask?

A high danger chance is any shot attempt that comes from the red area in the above picture above. Around half of the goals in the league are scored in this area, which is what makes it so dangerous. High danger chances shows that a team is getting to the net and creating grade A chances in front of the goalie.

So the Blues are getting to the net more than Chicago.

Let’s take a look at high danger chances game by game.

Chicago won the 5v5 high danger scoring chance battle 13-5 in game one. St Louis won the battles in game two and three by numbers of 17-3 and 13-3.

For reference, the Blackhawks averaged 8 high danger chances for and 9 high danger chances against per game this season at even strength.

With only six even strength high danger chances in their last two games, Chicago has to find a way to penetrate the St Louis defense. The Blackhawks have struggled to score during 5-on-5 play with only one goal this series.

In fact, Brian Elliott has stopped 98.7% of shots on goal he has faced at even strength. That means the Blackhawks have a shooting percentage of 1.3%. The Blackhawks are only averaging 1.3 goals for every 100 shots on goal (5v5) this series.

This team has to find a way to score. The last two games, they have settled for inefficient shots that occur far away from Brian Elliott. They need to find a way to get closer to the net and create some easier chances if they want to make it out of the first round.