NHL 100 Question Challenge 

The questions are from a Twitter thread by @NYR3032

Note: I tried to give answers other than strictly Chicago. For example not picking Chelsea Dagger as favorite goal song.

I’m sure there are better answers out there, but this is rapid fire. These answers are simply what popped up in my head.

NHL 100 Question Challenge

  1. Choose one active #1 goaltender and one active back-up goaltender that you would pair together as a tandem.

Carey Price and John Gibson

2) Top 3 NHL goaltenders?

Price, Lundqvist, and Cory Schneider

3) Most valuable goaltender to their franchise?

Price or Lundqvist would be obvious, so I’ll go Cory Schneider. Without Schneider, the Devils would be in last place.

4) Best all-around hockey player in the NHL today?

Jamie Benn

5) Dream line? LW-C-RW.

For some reason the first thing that pops in my head is Ovechkin-Thornton-Kane

6) Best NHL captain?


7) Favorite American NHL player?

Patrick Kane

8) Favorite Swedish NHL player?

Victor Hedman

9) Favorite Canadian NHL player?

PK Subban

10) Favorite Russian NHL player?

Evgeny Kuznetsov

11) Dream defense pairing?


12) Favorite NHL franchise/team besides your actual favorite team?

Florida Panthers

13) Favorite NHL logo/jersey?

Quebec Nordiques

14) Crosby or Ovechkin?

Regular Season Ovi

15) Eichel or McDavid?

Connor McDavid

16) Top 3 Western Conference teams?

Sharks, Stars, Kings

17) Top 3 Eastern Conference teams?

Caps, Penguins, Lightning

18) Name a player that has never won a Stanley Cup that most deserves one.

Joe Thornton

19) Who should win the Vezina this year from what you have seen so far: Holtby, Bishop, or Quick?

Bishop hands down

20) Dirtiest NHL player?

Steve Ott

21) Worst fanbase?

Carolina. Just doesn’t seem like a good place for a hockey team

22) Luckiest NHL team?

Blackhawks. Have to have some luck to win three Cups in six years

23) Least favorite team WITHIN your division/conference?

Minnesota Wild. Just a boring team with no huge stars

24) Least favorite team OUTSIDE your division/conference?

New York Islanders and I have no idea why

25) Least favorite player?

Anyone that’s really gooning it up and not trying to play hockey

26) Favorite player?

Don’t have a single favorite player

27) NHL player that you wish was on your favorite team?

Drew Doughty

28) Favorite retired NHL player?

Mario Lemieux

29) Team that didn’t make the playoffs this year that have the best chance of making it next year?

Winnipeg Jets

30) Best offensive team?

Dallas Stars

31) Best defensive team?

Anaheim Ducks

32) Team most likely to make a big trade in the offseason?

New York Rangers. Bad team plus cap problems.

33) Team that made the playoffs this year but probably won’t make it next year?

Red Wings and Wild

34) Best arena in the NHL?

Barclays because it’s hilarious

35) NHL player that you say you hate but only because they’re good?

I don’t hate anyone

36) Top 3 centers in the NHL?

Crosby, Toews, and Kopitar

37) Top 3 right-wings in the NHL?

Kane, Tarasenko, and wow third is tough. I’ll go Blake Wheeler who scored 78 points this season. I can’t think of anyone else.

38) Top 3 left-wings in the NHL?

Ovi, Benn, and Hall

39) Who would you trade on your favorite team? Preferably, for who?

Seabrook and Bickell for cap relief. That isn’t possible though.

40) Struggling franchise/team that you hope to see get better?


41) Team who got bounced in the first round this year that should’ve made it to the second round?


42) Best NHL coach?

Scotty Bowman

43) Which teams do you love to watch your team play against? To win against?

Blues I guess

44) If you had to get a jersey of a player that wasn’t on your favorite team, who would it be?


45) How many jerseys do you own? Replica? Authentic?

1. I only get jerseys with my name on them so they never become unusable

46) Why or what made you become a hockey fan?

The first time I saw Mario Lemieux.

47) What is something that you wish you could’ve witnessed in your favorite team’s history?

Live? The 2015 game 6 Cup winner.

48) How many hockey games have you been to? Do you have a favorite?

I live 6 hours from the United Center. I would say I’ve probably been to 9 hockey games in my life mostly when my Sister lived in Nashville, TN.

49) If it was up to you, which 2 teams would play in the Winter Classic next year?


50) Best NHL goal song?


51) Favorite announcers in the NHL besides your team’s?

Toronto or Dallas broadcast

52) What would make you happiest about seeing your favorite team win the Stanley Cup?

What? Weird question. Winning the cup itself would make me happiest.

53) Benn or Seguin?


54) Who would you chose with the #1 pick in this year’s NHL Draft?

If I need a center Matthews, if I need a wing Laine, if I need D trade down to highest bidder.

55) Team that gets pampered by NBC or the referees the most?

It seems everyone thinks it’s Pittsburgh.

56) If you play(ed) hockey, which position do you/would you play? Forward? Defenseman? Goaltender?

Left shot defensemen

57) Favorite player on your favorite team?


58) Least favorite player on your favorite team?


59) Who wins the series: TBL or NYI?


60) Who wins the series: WSH or PIT?


61) Who wins the series: DAL or STL?

STL- I just can’t get behind the Stars horrible goaltending.

62) Who wins the series: SJS or NSH?


63) Who wins the Stanley Cup this year?

San Jose Sharks

64) Which team that is NO LONGER in the playoffs or DIDN’T MAKE the playoffs would you want to see win a Stanley Cup the most?


65) Best hair in the NHL?


66) Best beard in the NHL?


67) Favorite NHL tradition?

Lifting the cup over ones head and skating

68) NHL edition of FMK: which NHL player would you f**k? Marry? Kill?

Marry Toews for the money and kill Seabrook for the cap relief.

69) Is being a fan of more than one NHL team okay? Or is it disloyal?

It’s fine.

70) How would you welcome someone that is new to being a fan of hockey?

With open arms and a list of who to follow on Twitter because they aren’t learning anything from Milbury, Jones, and Roenick on NBC. Need better teachers of the game on TV to attract newbies.

71) Should the referees be blamed for making certain (bad?) calls or is it negligible?

They should be blamed, but they probably aren’t the reason a team lost. The fanbase of any team that loses automatically blames the refs and it’s extremely annoying.

72) Tag your best friend on Hockey Twitter™.

It’s everyone’s best friend @RamblinGrimace

73) How do you feel about 3-on-3 OT after a whole season with it implemented?

Love it

74) Worst call the referees made against your team this season?

The goalie interference call against Arizona I think

75) Are “enforcers” in the NHL dying out? Should they? Y/N?

Double yes. I want to watch hockey.

76) Favorite moment that your favorite team had this year?

My individual game memory is terrible. However, I believe Chicago came back from down two late in the third and then beat the Ducks (or was it Kings) in OT this season. That was awesome.

77) Best retired NHL goaltender?


78) Who will score the most goals in the playoffs? (Keep in mind that their team will most likely have to advance for them to lead in Gs.)

Joe Pavelski

79) If Carey Price had never gotten injured would the Canadiens have made the playoffs?


80) Favorite playoff moment you have ever experienced?

17 seconds. It felt like Boston had game 6, was playing better hockey, and had a good chance to win game 7 in Chicago. 17 seconds later, the Blackhawks were winning and hoisted the Cup.

81) Can you remember the season that you first became a hockey fan?

The first time I saw Mario Lemieux play.

82) Are you superstitious? Do you have good luck charms for your team to win?

No. Nothing I do affects the outcome of a game in any way. Superstitions are ridiculous.

83) Funniest NHL player?

PK Subban maybe. He has a lot of personality.

84) Rank the Original Six teams by how good they are. (BOS, CHI, DET, MTL, NYR, TOR.)

Right Now? CHI, BOS, DET, NYR, MTL, TOR.

85) NHL team with the worst luck? Try to not say your own…

STL Blues. They always make the playoffs but can never win.

86) Your favorite player scores a hat trick. Do you throw your hat on the ice or was that hat $35 and you aren’t doing that shit?

What hat? It’s already on the ice.

87) How many goals will Connor McDavid score next season?


88) Least favorite NHL goaltender?

The Lehtonen/Niemi combo or Ryan Miller

89) NHL player that doesn’t get enough credit?

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

90) NHL player that is overrated?

Jonathan Quick

91) Favorite Original Six team? Favorite non-Original Six team?


92) Which team without a Stanley Cup will win one before the others? (STL, BUF, VAN, WSH, SJS, FLA, WPG, ARI, MIN, NSH, CBJ.)

San Jose

93) NHL player that you wish your team never traded?

Dustin Byfuglien, Nick Leddy, or Brandon Saad.

94) Do you get upset when your team loses?


95) Are you a diehard hockey fan? How many games of an NHL season do you watch? Is missing a playoff game okay? (Reminder: no, it isn’t.)

Yes. I watch every Chicago game. I like watching NHL network when they flip through games. I try to watch at least every third period of every playoff game.

96) Best NHL rookie this year?

Panarin. Parayko is underrated and probably deserves more love than Ghost Bear.

97) How would you improve your favorite NHL team?

Start building up the farm system again.

98) Is hockey your favorite sport? Why or why not?

Yes. Fast paced with so much going on and so much to break down. One can never get bored with hockey.

99) Favorite non-NHL hockey player? (AHL, OHL, KHL, ECHL, etc.)

Mitch Marner or Travis Konecry

100) What do you think about the New York Rangers?

They have some serious problems that will be tough to fix.

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