How Michal Kempny Compares To Current Chicago D-Men

Rob Vollman has created hockey league translation factors that estimates what a player in one league would score in the NHL. For the KHL to the NHL, that factor is 0.80.  So if a player is scoring 1 goal per 60 minutes in the KHL, they can expect to score 0.8 goals per 60 in the NHL. Basically they will only produce 80% of their KHL numbers.

Knowing this, we can compare the scoring rates of Chicago’s defensemen this season to Michal Kempny’s translated KHL stats.

Let’s take a look at points per 60 minutes of icetime.

Michal Kempny is low on the list, only scoring at a better rate than Scuderi, TVR, and Svedberg.

Now let’s look at goals/60.

He isn’t at the bottom of this list, so we know he’s actually scored goals in the KHL. The thing about this chart though, is that Chicago’s defensemen were really bad at scoring goals. So even though Kempny is near the top, his goal scoring rate isn’t necessarily good. It’s just that the goal scoring rate of the ChIcago D is so bad that it makes Kempny look better in this chart.

Finally, let’s look at assists per 60 minutes.

Kempny is near the bottom and doesn’t look to have the numbers of a playmaking, passing defensemen. 

I’ve heard from others that have watched him that Michal Kempny is more of a defensive defensemen. The above stats seem to back that claim. 

So if the Blackhawks do sign Michal Kempny, don’t expect the defensemen version of Artemi Panarin. One should probably expect a player more along the lines of Trevor Van Riemsdyk. That isn’t necessary a bad thing.

The Blackhawks could deploy the pairings like this:

  • Keith-Hjalmarsson = Shut down defensemen pairing
  • Gustafsson-Seabrook = Offensive second pairing
  • Kempny-TVR = All around quality 3rd pairing

The thing about Kempny is he sounds a lot like TVR. A D-Man who isn’t great at any one thing but isn’t bad at anything either. A player that is simply solid at everything. So a 3rd pairing of two solid defensemen could be a boost as we had the privilege of watching third pairings this season of Scuderi-TVR & Svedberg-Rozsival.