Comparing Martin Lundberg’s Stats To Blackhawk Forwards

Rob Vollman has created hockey league translation factors that estimates what a player in one league would score in the NHL. For the SHL to the NHL, that factor is 0.60. So if a player is scoring 1 goal per 60 minutes in the SHL, they can expect to score 0.6 goals per 60 in the NHL. Basically they will only produce 60% of their SHL numbers.

Knowing this, we can compare the scoring rates of Chicago’s forwards this season to Martin Lundberg’s translated SHL stats.

Let’s take a look at points per 60 minutes of icetime.

Goals per 60.

Assists per 60
As for primary assists, or first assists,  during even strength play,  Lundberg only recorded 3 in 44 games played this season. So he doesn’t appear to have much playmaking skill.

In 2011, Elite Prospects had this to say about Lundberg:

“Lundberg is a hard worker who can play any forward position. Always plays an aggressive and gritty game, and likes to hit. Skates well, but is limited offensively.”

Given his 2015-16 numbers and his 2011 scouting report, Martin Lundberg appears to be a Brandon Mashinter type player. The question that remains is his defensive output. Offensively he may very well be a Brandon Mashinter, his scouting report can sound like Mashinter’s, but we don’t really know what he’ll bring defensively yet. I imagine Lundberg will sign a league minimum deal and be offensive depth for the upcoming season.

Chicago will want a cheap option for the healthy scratch spot this season. Mashinter, with a cap hit under $600,000, was that this past season. A cheap cap hit that isn’t a young player the team is trying to develop is the perfect candidate for the 13th or 14th forward spot. Chicago doesn’t want to call up a young prospect just to have him sit. They also don’t want a high cap hit not dressing for games. I see Lundberg being a depth player in the AHL or as the 14th forward on the NHL team.

Update: I had someone give me a  scouting report on Twitter.

Lars Johansson says “Martin Lundberg is a power forward, limited playmaking skills, scores most of his goals off rebounds/deflections. Ok shot. Great on the penalty kill.”