Erik Gustafsson Finished In The Top-10 Among NHL Defensemen In Many Offensive Stats

For the charts below, I looked up the even strength stats of all NHL defensemen with at least 500 5v5 minutes played. Chicago Blackhawks defensemen Erik Gustafsson stood out as he was top-10 in many stats.

One of those stats where Gustafsson was better than every D-man in the league was assist rate.

Gustafsson averaged 1.4 assists for every 60 minutes of even strength ice time. No one was even close to those numbers. He is a great passer and playmaker and it shows here as he averaged more even strength assists than any other D-man in the league.

Another stat Gustafsson ranked highly in is shot generation. Shot generation is the average number of shots the team produced when the player was on the ice per 60 minutes.

Coming in as the 9th best defensemen in shot generation, Gustaffson is among the company of Seth Jones, Drew Doughty, and Kris Letang. The Blackhawks averaged 60.21 shot attempts every 60 minutes when Gustafsson was on the ice.

When we look at goal generation, the Chicago defensemen ranks high here as well.

Chicago averaged 3.02 goals per 60 minutes when Gustafsson was on the ice. That’s the 8th best goal generation numbers out of all defensemen.

Lastly, he was one of the best at goal for percentage.

Goal for% looks at which team is scoring more when a player is on the ice. Gustafsson’s 62% GF% means that when he was on the ice, Chicago scored 62% of all goals and the opponent scored (100%-62%=)  38% of all goals. That’s 4th best in the league among D-men.

I created this post to further show just how much of an offensive juggernaut Erik Gustafsson can be. I believe he is an overlooked and underrated D-man in Chicago’s organization.