Shot & Scoring Chance Efficiency Of The NHL and Chicago Blackhawks

It was a boring Saturday afternoon, so I set out to find something interesting to visualize. I stumbled on a stat I created in the past and decided to examine it again. That stat I looked at is how often a players shot attempts go on goal. I also delved in further to see how often a players shot attempts were scoring chances. I named these two stats shot efficiency and scoring chance efficiency.

Shot Efficiency = number of shots on goal / number of total shot attempts = % of shots that go on net.

Scoring Chance Efficiency = number of scoring chances / number of total shot attempts = % of shots that were a scoring chance.

If you are unsure what a shot attempt, shot on goal, or scoring chance is, I included that in the graphic below.

I’m not sure how much merit these stats have. I wouldn’t say being efficient vs inefficient means good vs bad. Rather, I imagine it simply adds more context to how a player plays. A player that “shoots at will” every time he touches the puck can be an effective player, but might be pretty inefficient with his shot. Inversely, a player that waits for the most opportune time to shoot might be very efficient, but could be producing more if they shot more. Then again, there are players like Connor McDavid that are elite players and very efficient shooters.

I posted these to Twitter and figure I might as well archive them here.

So I wanted to add in a paragraph here on how I would use the above chart if I was a Anaheim Ducks enthusiast. We know Ryan Getzlaf is a pretty good player, but only 12% of his shot attempts result in a scoring chance. That is near the league worst. One can then take this information to the rink when they watch Getzlaf play. We know scoring chances occur very close to the net. Is Getzlaf simply shooting from too far away? Is he stopping early instead of skating hard to the net? Ryan Getzlaf’s goal scoring has dropped over the past three seasons with 31, 25, and last season only 13 goals. Using the stat above, we could then investigate other stats and watch his play the offensive zone to see what factors that are driving down his scoring chance efficiency are the cause for his poor goal output last season.