Should Jordan TooToo Be On The NHL Roster?

Jordan TooToo is not good enough to be playing many NHL games these days. And that’s okay, he shouldn’t have to for Chicago. He can be the healthy scratch, fill in every now and then, and enjoy the free breakfast. In theory, that doesn’t sound so bad, but Quenneville doesn’t give a damn about theory. Q doesn’t have much of a choice with his current Forward depth being the way it is right now, although I do think he should play Rasmussen over TooToo. (Rasmussen can play that effective 4th liner, low event, no shots for but no shots against brand of hockey). But let’s further delve into why TooToo being on the NHL roster is not that big of deal.

He needs to be the 13th Forward. The all-time healthy scratch Forward. A team doesn’t want a young guy being a healthy scratch every night and hurting that players development. Instead, they can play the prospect in the AHL and call him up to the NHL if someone gets injured. So with TooToo as a healthy scratch, the team doesn’t have to worry about hampering any kids development.If a player gets nicked up a little, TooToo can provide some 4th line minutes. His low ice time probably won’t affect the game at all. And since the player he’s filling in for only has a small injury, TooToo is only going to be in the lineup for a game or two. Now let’s say there’s a serious injury. Hossa is going to be out for a month. This doesn’t mean TooToo should then be the 12th Forward and play every game. No, this is where Chicago calls up an AHL’er like Mark McNeill, Kyle Baun, or Tanner Kero to be the 12th Forward. Even with a serious injury, TooToo does not move up in his role. His role stays the same as the 13th Forward that plays sparingly and is normally a healthy scratch.

Another good thing about TooToo is he knows his role. Whenever he gets asked about playing time, he responds with he knows his role here. This isn’t a player that is going to throw a hissy fit or demand a trade because he’s slotted as the 13th Forward and a healthy scratch. He understands that this is his role.

So the idea of TooToo on the NHL team isn’t a bad one. He’s the veteran healthy scratch guy who plays maybe 25 games a season. That’s not a bad plan. Well the thing about Quenneville is, he isn’t having it. The players aren’t having it either as they feel “safer” when there is a guy who can drop the gloves in the lineup. Brandon Bollig, Brandon Mashinter, Jordan TooToo. These are the type of guys that shouldn’t play that much. They should be regulated to 13th Forward and a regular healthy scratch. But time and time again, we see these type of players in the lineup.

It’s early yet, I mean TooToo has played one game. But I see many people wondering why he is on the roster and I just gave you the reason why. The real question is why is he playing and how many games will Q play him. It’s not that bad of an idea for Stan Bowman to sign Jordan TooToo. He’s better than Brandon Mashinter, that’s for sure. But it is a bad idea for Quenneville to continually run TooToo out there this season if that’s Q’s plan. Jordan TooToo is a perfect fit for the role of 13th Forward on the Chicago Blackhawks. The only problem is, will someone tell Q that?