Game 4 vs Philadelphia 

Three up / Three down

  • 👍 Panarin-Anisimov- Kane line
  • 👍 Campbell-Forsling pairing 
  • 👍 Rasmussen-Kruger-TooToo line
  • 👎 Richard Panik
  • 👎 Jonathan Toews
  • 👎 Tyler Motte

Jonathan Toews has been a possession savant so far this season but not tonight. The Panik-Toews-Hossa line and the Hinostroza-Toews-Panik line has performed well this season. So Q could role the Motte-Toews-Panik line again or he might sub out Motte for Hinostroza. The Hinostroza-Schmaltz-Hossa line didn’t really do much of anything.

 I keep feeling the best thing to do is split up the three main rookies Schmaltz, Hinostoza, & Motte across three different lines. Think of it as two player lines and then a rookie to complement them. Toews and Kane with Hinostroza. Panarin and Anisimov with Schmaltz. Kruger and Hossa with Motte. This way, every rookie will only have to complement a line and won’t have to try to lead one. 

Panarin-Anisimov-Kane line was really good at generating shots (offense) tonight.

Rasmussen-Kruger-TooToo line was really good at suppressing shots (defense) tonight.

Okay, let’s get to the charts.

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