A Snapshot Of Every Goal Chicago’s Penalty Kill Unit Has Given Up This Season

The Blackhawks penalty kill unit was one of the worst in the league last season. Dead last in the NHL in shot based PK stats. The early 2016-17 season hasn’t looked good either with Chicago giving up 9 goals in 4 games on the penalty kill.

Last season I got into stats and charts. I learned as much as I could about various new stats and illustrated them for you. This season, I want to add systems breakdowns to my repertoire. It only seems natural that I need to start with the Chicago Blackhawks penalty kill. This is going to take extensive work, so I want to ease into it.

To start my Penalty Kill series, I am simply going to show the shot location of every goal scored against the Blackhawks penalty kill this season. Check out where the goals are coming from and where the Blackhawks PK’ers are. In my next post, I will talk more about the actual formation Chicago’s run. For now, enjoy these photos.

1) Kevin Shattenkirk

2) Vladimir Tarasenko

3) Paul Stastny 
4) PK Subban
5) Roman Josi
6) Mike Fisher
7) Craig Smith
8) Matt Read
9) Wayne Simmonds
Now a look of what’s to come. Below is the usually PK formation Chicago runs called the wedge plus one or triangle plus one. It’s pretty self explanatory as there is a triangle in the slot plus one player pressuring the puck.

I will talk more about this in the future. For now, check out this 6-minute video that gives a general overview of the wedge plus one Penalty Kill.

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