Game 10 vs Calgary

Don’t be fooled by the final score in this 5-1 Chicago Blackhawks win over the Calgary Flames, because Chicago did not play well. Scroll down to the team chart, and you will see that Calgary out-shot and out-chanced Chicago by a wide margin. The Blackhawks were lucky to leave with the win.

A theme over the past couple days is the success of the Panarin, Anisimov, and Hossa line, while the other lines struggle. This was very eveident today as they were the only line to have a positive shot differential. Not only has the bottom-6 struggled, but the Toews and Kane line isn’t performing either. Maybe putting a puck handler like Hinostroza and Schmaltz on the top line instead of Panik will help jumpstart that Kane and that line.

With defensemen, the theme has been the success of Duncan Keith and Brian Campbell. Tonight, they were the only defensemen with a positive shot differential, as they continue to be a great pairing. Rozsival has played extremely well the past couple days paired with Michal Kempny. Tonight, the Forsling – Rozsival pairing really struggled, a theme for any pairing Forsling has been on this season. Hjalmarsson – Seabrook also didn’t do well, and Hjalmarsson has really struggled playing without Duncan Keith.

I’ve raised the question that even though the Keith – Campbell pairing is so great, that putting the two best puck moving defensemen on the same pairing might not be best for business. Sure the top pairing might now be arguably the best puck moving pairing in the NHL, but that really hurts the second pairing as Hjalmarsson – Searook won’t be that great at generating offense for others. Evening out the pairings by putting Keith – Hjalmarsson & Campbell – Seabrook together might be optimal for team success.

Corey Crawford is awesome. He’s probably the 5th or 6th best goalie in the NHL  

Two up / Five down

  • 👍 Panarin- Anisimov – Hossa
  • 👍 Keith – Campbell
  • 👎 Forsling – Rozsival
  • 👎 Hinostroza – Rasmussen – Tootoo 
  • 👎 Panik – Toews – Kane
  • 👎 Motte – Kruger – Schmaltz
  • 👎 Hjalmarsson – Seabrook

Game Charts

Player Charts







Patrick Kane Even Strength 

 Michael Frolik PK – three things here. Seabrook has position on Backlund, but Backlund blows right by him and hits Frolik for the goal. Duncan Keith broke his stick just before this play. Instead of covering, Keith went to the bench to get a new stick. Anisimov didn’t quite back check hard enough to tie up Frolik. All these things may been cause due to Chicago being on the power play and assuming the Calgary PK wouldn’t try so hard to score. NHL teams should focus more on trying to score while shorthanded. With effort, shorthanded teams can create easy high danger breakaway chances.

 Artem Anisimov PP

 Tyler Motte Even Strength

 Artemi Panarin Empty Net

 Niklas Hjalmarsson 4v4


  1. I agree with what you said and it’s important to underline that the play wasn’t good at all in spite of the result.

    Last season Seabrook performed way better with Gustafsson, who can move the puck well, than with any other player so I mos def agree that he should be w Campbell and Hjalmarsson w Keith. Also, that way Hammer can play to the right, which he prefers, and Campbell to the left, which he prefers.

    According to, Forsling has had a 40.88 (!!) CF% so far this season, which is worst on the team. The six guys below 50 are the five rookies (Motte, Schmaltz, Forsling, Hartman, Hinostroza. Kempny technically isn’t a rookie since he’s above 25 yrs of age) and Rozsival. Why do you think Quenneville keeps giving Forsling so much praise? I don’t doubt he has potential but he clearly hasn’t been putting up the numbers so far. Maybe another year in Sweden wouldn’t be so bad after all, especially since the Hawks are quite loaded on D now.

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    1. On Forsling, I do not know. Everyone got Forsling fever this fall including Q. Like you said, it’s obvious he has potential and every now and then he makes a really good play, but I never thought the 20-year-old was NHL ready.

      Not only that, because Left shot Forsling made the team is one of the main reasons Campbell was forced to the right side this season.

      Another glaring thing is Erik Gustafsson who put up ridiculous numbers last season. Even if he regresses, he would still be a much better player than Forsling THIS SEASON. If I’m trying to win THIS SEASON, Gustafsson is in the NHL and Forsling is in Sweden.

      Now this could still be the end result. Maybe CHI was just seeing if he could play because he has shown flashes, and if he fails, just ship him back to Sweden. So that could be something that happens soon if Forsling continues to underperform.

      On Kempny, he has performed well in a third pairing role with Rozsival and just okay in a second pairing role with Seabrook. Still, he looks solid. He can’t speak much English, so I imagine he will improve as he gets more familiarity with English and playing in the NHL.

      On the rookie forwards… Well I’ve wanted to split them up and advocated for putting one on each line to keep them separated from each other. They don’t necessarily perform when two are on the same line. Also, Hinostroza and Schmaltz have more of a top-6 skill set. Not that they are top-6 talent right now, just their game translates well to playing on a top-6 line. Hinostroza – Toews – Panik got one game together and they performed well. Hinostroza gets benched, Motte gets the top line role, and the line falters. But again, here is my rookie fix:

      Hinostroza – Toews – Kane
      Panarin – Anisimov – Schmaltz
      Motte – Kruger – Hossa
      Hartman – Rasmussen – Panik


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