Game 15 vs Washington

Instant Thoughts

  • It’s been a hard day’s night, and Washington had the Toews line working like a dog. Schmaltz – Toews – Kane really struggled with Schmaltz eventually being demoted in favor of Hartman. They didn’t have any space and time to operate.
  • I really liked how Vinnie Hinostroza played tonight. I shared many videos on Twitter of his offensive zone entries tonight. He utilized his speed through the neutral zone to generate offense, often easily skating into the offensive zone. Ryan Hartman did a good job providing an outlet for Hinostroza. Hartman found the open areas of the ice and made himself available to receive a pass. They worked well off each other until Hartman got the call up to the top line.
  • There were many high danger chances in the slot for both teams tonight. Crawford and Holtby were both on top of their game.
  • Back-to-back poor games for Rasmussen. His calling card is his shot suppression capabilities and he hasn’t been able to limit the opponents shots while being paired with Desjardins for the last two games.
  • Chicago did not commit a penalty in this game.
  • Panarin – Kruger – Hossa were great. They were around +12 in shots, +9 in scoring chances, and + 6 in high danger chances.

Three up / Three down

  • 👍Panarin – Kruger – Hossa line
  • 👍Jordan Tootoo 
  • 👍Niklas Hjalmarsson
  • 👎Schmaltz – Toews – Kane line
  • 👎Dennis Rasmussen 
  • 👎Richard Panik

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  1. It’s funny cause it almost feels like reigning Hart MVP Kane is the problem, when it comes to line combos. We don’t want him w panarin cause it concentrates the firepower too much into one line. At the same time I am starting to wonder for how long this toews-kane expermiment should go on. But then with whom should Kane be playin?

    What about doin what the cup champs did? Thy had kessel, sid and malkin but couldn’t get kessel to reach his potential with either elite center so they sort of gave him his own line, w Hagelin as a speedster playmate and bonino as a responsible center. Sort of like kane-anisimov-panarin last year. 1 superstar, one playmate and one sound center doing the dirty work, letting the divas do their thing. Only now panarin is a star himself.

    It may be a stupid idea, but still, if Kane were to be put on a 3rd line (although it would mean lines 1-3 receive basically the same minutes), who would his linemates be? Who can be a valid platmate for kaner if not panarin? Hinostroza? Schmaltz? Kruger could be the boring center, winning draws and taking def responsibility altough it does remove him from the 4th line center role where I reeeeaaally like him. Could Rasmussen be the clean up guy? He’s had a couple of rough games w desjardins, as you pointed out, but before that he was good


    1. With Kruger-Kane, like you said, one of the players would have improper usage as they are opposites ends of the defensive vs offensive player spectrum.

      Rasmussen isn’t anything more than a grinding 4th liner.

      If CHI wants to make Kane their own line, it will probably be through trade, similar to acquiring Weise and Fleischmann for Teravainen.

      So Chi could trade for Martin Hanzal to center a line and PA Parenteau to be a scoring winger opposite Kane. Or do a Hinostroza (or some other current player) – Hanzal – Kane line.

      Or they can just go back to the 72-15-88 line and trade for a winger for Toews instead.

      Either way, Chicago will be adding a forward or two at the trade deadline that should make creating playoff lines a lot more easy.


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