What Happened To Game Charts?

I was able to post game charts for each of the first 23 games on time this season. Then I got a new job. For this job, I wake up at 4:30am, leave my house at 5:30am and don’t get home until 7:00pm.

Because of this hectic new work schedule, I have been unable to do game charts for every game, but I do have a solution.

I currently plan on scraping the game charts in favor of trending charts. Each weekend, I will post the usual game charts, but for a certain amount of games. For example, I could do the last 10 games or last 5 games. This way, one can see how each player is trending. Over the last five games is this player trending up, or trending down? That is what I hope to answer.

When I am able to, I will still post goal snapshots and individual game viz on twitter, like I did today for the Chicago vs Philadelphia game.

In other news, I recently purchased a MacBook pro. I’m starting to conduct free trials of various software that I hope to use for Blackhawks content.

One of the free trials was for DataGraph, which I used to make the visual below.


This is Blackhawks scoring this season. The left side is goals and the right side is assists.

I’ve also been testing out SnagIt. This is screen grab software used to make gifs and videos.

So you might start seeing some new stuff as I conduct these various software free trials to determine which software can be useful to produce content. If you have any suggestions for software or apps you love for your MacBook, let me know.