Blackhawks Season 5v5 Stats Through The First 26 Games

In this post, one will find the season long 5v5 stats for the Chicago Blackhawks players. There are four shot based charts and four expected goals based charts. At the bottom, I have the player rankings this season.

Shot +/- = Chicago’s team shot differential with said player on the ice.



Artemi Panarin’s +87 is the best on the team. Chicago has outshot opponents by 87 shot attempts when Panarin has been on the ice.

Gustav Forsling is worst on the team in this stat with a (-57). This means opponents have outshot Chicago by 57 shot attempts this season when Forsling was on the ice.

Shot Generation. This is an offensive stat that illustrates the rate of shots Chicago generates with said player on the ice.


Offensively, Chicago has been best with Michal Kempny on the ice, producing 60 shots attempts every 60 minutes of ice time. Chicago has performed the worst offensively with Andrew Desjardins or Forsling on the ice, producing only 45 shots per 60 minutes.

 Shot Suppression. A defensive stat that shows the number of shot attempts the opponent takes with each player on the ice. A lower number is desired here as that would mean the opponent takes less shots with that Chicago player on the ice.


Artemi Panarin has been the best defensive player for Chicago this year. Why? Because great offense equals great defense. If Panarin always has the puck, how can the opponent take a shot?  They can’t.

The worst defensive player has been Andrew Desjardins. Opponents are taking a hefty amount of shots when Desjardins is on the ice.

Puck Possession. A buzzword for Corsi For %. This stat shows which team is controlling play with said player on the ice. Above 50% means Chicago is taking more shots than opponents with that player on the ice. Less than 50% is bad as opponents are controlling play and taking more shots than Chicago.


Panarin, Kempny, and Hossa have been the best, while Desjardins, Forsling, and Motte have been the worst.

Expected Goals +/- is a stat that gives every shot a rating. In the above, gray charts, all shots are equal. If Chicago takes a shot from the slot, thats one shot for. If Chicago gives up a point shot, thats one shot against. In this scenario, Chicago had a higher quality shot than the opponent, but in the end, it’s still one shot for vs one shot against.

Expected Goals gives a rating to every shot. It attempts to estimate shot quality by giving higher danger shots a higher expected goals rating. The shot values are determined by:

  • Shot type (wrist/snap/slap shot, deflection, etc)
  • Shot distance
  • Shot angle
  • Rebounds
  • Shots off the rush
  • Strength (5v5, PP, PK)

Below, a positive number indicates Chicago was expected to outscore the opponent by that number this season with said player on the ice.

A negative number means opponents were expected to outscore Chicago by that amount with that player on the ice.


Best: Kempny, Kruger, Hartman.

Worst: Panik, Kane, Schmaltz

Expected Goals Generation. An offensive stat similar to shot generation. This is the rate of goals Chicago is expected to score with said player on the ice.screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-13-49-55-pm

Best: Tootoo, Hartman, Toews

Worst: Rozsival, Schmaltz, Desjardins

Expected Goals Suppression. A defensive stat similar to shot suppression. This is the rate of goals opponents are expected to score with said player on the ice. Therefore, a lower number is better here.screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-13-50-44-pm

Best: Tootoo, Kruger, Rasmussen.

Worst: Panik, Toews, Rozsival.

Expected Goals For %. This stat shows which team is expected to score more goals with each player on the ice.

Above 50% indicates Chicago is expected to score MORE than opponents with that player on the ice.

Below 50% indicates Chicago is expected to score LESS goals than the opponents with that player on the ice.screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-13-47-26-pm

Best: Tootoo, Hartman, Kruger.

Worst: Rozsival, Schmaltz, Panik.

Finally, here are the player rankings. Please note before anyone flies off the handle, this isn’t a ranking of overall talent. Obviously Patrick Kane isn’t the 15th best player on the team and Jordan Tootoo isn’t the most talented player on the team. This isn’t a ranking of players talents, but rather how they have performed in their role this season.


Jordan Tootoo has done the best in the role Coach Quenneville has given him. He has exceeded expectations. Ryan Hartman, Michal Kempny, and Artemi Panarin are also performing extremely well in their current roles. The players hurting Chicago the most in their current roles with the team are Desjardins, Rozsival, Schamltz, and Forsling. These ranking were created by compiling the above data in this post.