How the Chicago Players Are Trending Over The Past Five Games

This is going to be one of my new features. Each weekend, I will look at how the Chicago Blackhawks players have performed over the last number of games.

Today, I take a look at how each player has performed in each stat OVER THE PAST FIVE GAMES. Those games were:

  1. 4-3 Win vs NJD
  2. 1-3 Loss vs PHI
  3. 1-2 Loss vs WPG
  4. 4-0 Win vs ARI
  5. 0-1 Loss vs NYR


Seabrook was injured and only played four games. Nick Schmaltz was sent to Rockford and only played twice. The rest of the players that didn’t play all five games were healthy scratched along the way.


Duncan Keith logged the most 5v5 minutes over the past five games. Nothing new there.


Marcus Kruger has had a great 5-game span with Chicago dominating in shots when he was on the ice.


Chicago was also expected to outscore opponents the most when Kruger was on the ice. Blackhawks also did well when Rasmussen, Kempny, Van Riemsdyk, or Panik were on the ice.

Chicago performed the worst with players like Desjardins, Hinostroza, Tootoo, Schmaltz, and Seabrook on the ice.screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-11-27-48-am

Forsling had a  (+2) shot differential. That’s pretty good for him as he has normally been a negative shot +/- player this season. A (+2) over three games is an improvement for him.


For how good the Kempny – Seabrook paring has been, the Campbell – Seabrook pairing has been the exact opposite. Chicago was expected to be heavily outscored when they were on the ice over the last five games.




Panik and Hartman have been taking plenty of shots lately. On the other hand, Motte and  Hinostroza aren’t shooting enough.


This stat shows how many goals each player was expected to score individually. Imagine if Lisa Simpson takes 6-shots from the slot but each time the goalie makes a great save. Adding all those shots up, lets hypothetically say that she was expected to score 1-goal on those six shots from the slot. Now lets say Bart Simpson take 1-shot from the point. The shot takes a weird bounce off an opponents skate and goes in. We’ll say Bart has an expected goals scored of (0.4). In this scenario, Lisa had zero goals and Bart had one goal. However, by using expected goals, we know Lisa was taking more shots and better quality shots. Which player would you expect to score more goals in the future? By using individual expected goals, we can guess Lisa Simpson.

Panik, Hartman, Panarin, & Kane have done a good job over the past five games in terms of shots taken and shot quality. This is represented by their high individual expected goals in the above chart. Schmaltz, Motte, and Hinostroza aren’t producing enough good shots lately.

Below I compiled some team possession stats like Corsi and eXpected Goals. I also included production stat rankings. This ranks the players on how they’ve performed in the last five games in individual stats like shots attempts, scoring chances, expected goals, and point production.

I then combined the possession and production rankings to create overall player rankings over the last 5-games. Instead of three up and three down, I decided to give an overview of everyone.


We see the rookies have struggled recently with Motte, Hinostroza, and Schmaltz in the red. Hartman, in the green, has done well though.

The Campbell – Seabrook pairing looks like an early bust.

Players like Rasmussen, Kruger, and Panik have done really well.

I hoped you enjoyed this recent trends post that illustrates the past five games for the Blackhawks. If there is anything you would like to see or any suggestions you have for this type of weekly post, let me know.