Chicago Blackhawks Win Streaks

I decided to make a chart to illustrate the Blackhawks game-by-game results. To show this, I decided to award a (+1) for every win and a (-1) for every loss.

In the chart below, you will see the Blackhawks current record this season in a game-by-game format. They lost game one, so it starts at (-1). Chicago lost game two, so the line moves down one. Chicago won games 3 and 4, so you see it move up one spot for each of those games to signify wins.

I hope this is clear enough for everyone to comprehend.

Anyway, we see mostly .500 or average play in terms of wins and losses, except for a 7-game and 5-game win streak which is illustrated by the steep inclines below.

We also see a recent decline as they have only won once in their last 5-games.

Someone on twitter then asked me about the 2015-16 season and I decided to look it up.

If we take the 12-game win streak out, the Blackhawks have an even number of wins and losses. That win streak by the team last season banked them enough points to make the playoffs.