Blackhawks Player Performance Over The Past Ten Games

The Blackhawks last 10 games:

  • OTL 1-2 vs COL
  • L 1-3 vs WPG
  • W 3-2 vs NSH
  • W 3-2 cs CAR
  • L 1-4 vs STL
  • W 4-3 vs BUF
  • W 2-1 vs CAR
  • W 5-2 vs NSH
  • W 4-3 vs DET
  • L 0-6 vs WSH

I looked at how the Blackhawk players have performed in those games and will share the data with you below. With this information, you will be able to see how the players are trending.

Who’s up?

Who’s down?

Who were the heroes and zeroes over this past ten game stretch?

We will first look at shot +/-. This is the Chicago Blackhawks team shot differential when each player was on the ice.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 17.32.40 PM.png

Kempny and Van Riemsdyk were positives in the last ten games. Chicago outshot opponents the most when they were on the ice.

As for the forwards, Hartman, Toews, and Hinostroza all had a positive shot impact on the team.

Campbell and Hjalmarsson really struggled, which is not normal for those two great defensemen.

Tootoo has also not done well, a (-20) in his limited 4th line role.

The next stat is expected goals.

Expected Goal +/- takes into account all the information below from every on-ice shot to determine how many goals should have been scored.

Shot type (Wrist shot, slap shot, deflection, etc.)
Shot distance
Shot angle
Rebounds (Whether or not the shot was a rebound)
Rush shots (Whether or not the shot was a rush shot)
Strength state (5v5, powerplay, etc.)

With shot-based stats like Corsi, a shot from the slot is equal to a shot from the point. This is because every shot has the same value. That value being one. A shot from the point is one shot. A shot from the slot is one shot.

With expected goals, it will recognize that a shot from the point and a shot from the slot are two separate entities. A shot from the point is a shot that takes place far from the goalie and less likely to go in. A shot from the slot is close to the goalie, could possibly be a rush or rebound shot, and would have more value or a higher expected goal number than a shot from the point.

To sum it up, higher danger shots have more value than medium danger shots which have more value than low danger shots. Each shot receives its own value based on the expected chance that the shot could be a goal. By adding all these values together, we can see who was expected to score the most when each player was on the ice.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 17.34.25 PM.png

Chicago was expected to outscore opponents the most with Kempny, Hartman, or Van Riemsdyk on the ice.

Opponents were expected to outscore Chicago the most with Campbell, Hjalmarsson, or Seabrook on the ice.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 17.33.41 PM.png

More of the same here as Chicago out-chancing opponents with Hartman, Kempny, or Van Riemsdyk on the ice.

On the other hand, negative scoring chance players were Campbell, Kane, and Seabrook.

Individual expected goals looks at how many goals each player was expected to score themselves. Each shot receives a value based on it’s expected chance to go in the net. By adding those shot values up over the past 10 games, we can see which players where getting the best chances.screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-17-37-07-pm

Hartman, Hinostroza, Panik, and Anisimov led Chicago in the most high quality shots.

Rasmussen, Motte, and Hossa were on the low end.


As for pure shot attempts, Hartman, Tootoo, and Hinostroza have been firing them the most over the past ten games.

Below are the 5v5 power rankings of the forwards and defensemen.

Possession would be how they ranked in team based stats when that player is on the ice. Highly ranked indicates Chicago is controlling play with the player on the ice.

Production is how that player is producing individually. Points, shots, individual expected goals. A player ranked highly is a player thats scoring goals, getting shots off, and taking many high danger chances.



  • Panarin was 10th overall in 5v5 production.
  • Hartman was first in both possession and production. This indicates that he has been amazing over the past 10-games.
  • It appears Motte was starting to improve before his demotion.
  • Hossa is near the bottom. That injury may be affecting his play.
  • Rasmussen dead last, but he’s playing between the offensively challenged Tootoo and Desjardins. Rasmussen also isn’t much of an offensive player himself. That line seemed bound to fail.
  • There was major separation between the top-3 ranked defensemen and the bottom-3. Kempny, Van Riemsdyk, and Keith greatly outperformed Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, and Campbell.