Chicago Blackhawk Prospects Current Season Breakdown

Translation Factors

Blackhawk prospects play in many leagues and not all of those leagues have the same level of competition. A player scoring 20 goals in the KHL or SHL is more impressive than 20 goals in the CHL or NCAA. Even the different junior hockey leagues as well as NCAA conferences have different rates of scoring that need to be considered when evaluating a prospects stats.

Rob Vollman’s NHL translation factors: “are used to create high-level estimates of how a player’s scoring rate will change as they come to the NHL from other leagues. To create a player’s NHLe (NHL equivalency)”

The Data

I took the prospect data provided by the Blackhawks, and entered the translation factors into the table below.


This creates more realistic numbers to compare the prospects with, as we are adjusting their stats based on the league or conference they play in. This is an extremely simplistic way to look at stats. It’s better than glancing at their raw numbers, but we are still only looking at a small, half season sample size, and these aren’t adjusted for age.

I usually look at these translations to get an overall feel for how well the prospect is doing compared to the rest.



And now their actual NHL 82-game NHL point expectancy.


We see that Alex DeBrincat is having a fantastic year, which we already knew. However, check out Dylan Sikura and Anthony Louis’ numbers. They have had tremendous college seasons so far.

Graham Knott, the Blackhawks 2015 2nd round pick doesn’t appear to be anything special. He might possibly slot in as a future bottom-6 NHLer, but he isn’t as impressive as 2016 2nd rounder Alex DeBrincat.



And now their actual NHL 82-game NHL point expectancy.


Luc Snuggerud appears to possibly be the best scoring defenseman prospect Chicago has at the moment. Although, scoring isn’t as important in a D-man’s overall game as it is for forwards. Still, defensmen who can score are usually pretty talented, so Luc Snuggerud may be a prospect to keep track of.

Closing Thoughts

These stats don’t indicate that these players will score these exact amount of points in the NHL next season. They are very rough estimates based on how players have historically performed when making the jump from certain leagues to the NHL. Still, these numbers are good to use as a comparison of which Blackhawk prospects look destined for the NHL, AHL, or who may never be signed.