Blackhawks Player Performance Over The Last 20-Games

Using Corsica’s statistical database, I investigated how the Chicago Blackhawks players have performed over the past twenty games. I will illustrate forward then defensemen stats, followed by player power rankings.






  • We see Hinostroza has really struggled, which probably led to his demotion to the AHL.
  • Kane and Toews have really stepped up their games. For the Blackhawks to be elite, those two have to drive play and produce at an elite level. The Blackhawks have been getting that from them recently.
  • Andrew Desjardins has been notably impressive, which isn’t normal.
  • Nick Schmaltz is scoring at the highest rate among forwards over the last 20 games. Second and third are Toews and Panik. That line has dominated.
  • Ryan Hartman has continued to be a positive.







  • The Blackhawks dominated play when Michal Kempny was on the ice.
  • Hjalmarsson has struggled relative to him normal numbers. Perhaps he has been banged up for some time?
  • Van Riemsdyk has been a positive like usual. He’s also scoring at a high rate this season, which isn’t normal for the defensive defensemen.

Power Rankings

These power rankings are calculated by looking at puck possession (Corsi, Fenwick, shots on goal, scoring chances, expected goals for and against) and offensive production (individual scoring rate, shot rate, scoring chance rate, and expected goals rate).

It’s important to look at these rankings and all the above stats with context. For example, Andrew Desjardins comes in at 4th while Panarin comes in at 10th. The common phrase heard upon seeing this is: “Stats are stupid. This guy thinks Desjardins is better than Panarin. What a joke.”

That would be a very poor conclusion to come to while reading these charts. Players have different roles. Some players face tough competition in unfavorable situations. Some players play against the other teams worst players and have favorable matchups.

Obviously Panarin is a far better player than Desjardins. I’ve argued that Desjardins isn’t even an NHL level play. However, over the past twenty games, Andrew Desjardins has performed better IN HIS ROLE, than Artemi Panarin has IN HIS ROLE during 5-on-5 play. Of course, Desjardins role is to play against the opponents worst players.

Michal Kempny is the number one ranked defensemen. Obviously he doesn’t go up against the opponents top players. Still, Coach Quenneville has given Kempny a role. According to the numbers, in the past twenty games, Kempny has played really well in his role.

If a player has consistently good numbers, maybe they need an increased role with the team. If a player has consistently poor numbers, maybe they need a decreased role with the team.

The summarized point is to use context when analyzing stats.

Anyway, here are the power rankings.


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