In Search Of Questions, Will Trade Answers


Looking to trade. 

I’m in search of hockey related questions. In return, I will trade answers.

Email your questions to me at


Scroll down and post your questions in the wonderful comments section of this post

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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  1. It’s probably hard to quantify, but I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the impact on individual teams’ playoff performance by the stark difference in penalty enforcement from the regular season. I’ve theorized that teams like the Blackhawks, that play a relatively “clean” game are at a disadvantage during the playoffs, given how much goes uncalled,whereas teams like the Ducks, who regularly play a “dirty” game are at an advantage. Further, when teams aren’t used to playing the interference-heavy, no-one-allowed-in-the-crease gameplay of the playoffs, they likely stand a higher chance of being called for penalties, since they aren’t quite as good at masking dirty play. Ultimately, I think the non-reffing in the playoffs really damages the game and puts the players at unnecessarily high risk of injury. And now that the refs have apparently been given the directive to “crack down” on certain penalty enforcement, I’m imagining the playoffs to be even further from the game we see during the regular season.


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