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My Go Fund Me Page

Hello, my name is Storm Mensing (yes, Storm is my real name), and I am the only person that runs this website. It started out as a hobby to help teach hockey fans about the wonderful uses of advanced stats, while also keeping them informed throughout the season.

For the most part, I’ve been able to keep things relatively cheap. I currently run a free website, and I’ve only spent money on very simple software to make charts, write posts, and make video presentations. I’ve been able to continually grow up to this point without much damage to my wallet. But I’ve reached my peak. The next step in the growth of this website will require an investment.

I already invest much of my free time to provide the reader with good content. I can’t reason with myself to start investing a good deal of money into something where there is no return. I do not make a cent off anything I do. It’s all for free. I do this because I enjoy teaching, I enjoy seeing people learn and grow as hockey fans, and I enjoy interacting with so many new people.

So why am I asking for donations?

It’s for you. It’s to help me continue to grow, provide better content, and produce a better website in the future. I will not put any of the donated money in my pocket. All of the donations I receive will be invested into making Blackhawks Breakdown better for you.

Here are a few things I have in mind, all of which cost money.

  • An ad-free website
  • A faster, smoother website
  • Revamped, more user friendly design
  • Upgrade in software to make better charts/visuals
  • Software to help illustrate hockey systems and individual plays
  • Software for video tutorials
  • And any suggestions readers may have


If you don’t want to donate, that’s fine. I don’t even like asking for donations. However, I simply wanted to give people the option to help the site evolve. The option to provide yourself with a better website, better charts, systems analysis, video tutorials, and a better overall experience.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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